C a r e e r   o p p o r t u n i t i e s

At the end of this Master, you will be equipped for a job in science in the national or international market, in particular with research institutes, nature conservation bodies, government or non-government agencies and private companies.

Your modelling abilities and in-depth understanding of trends, your enthusiasm for research and your scientific rigour will be sought-after, not only in scientific professions (research, development, teaching, etc.) but also in society in general.

Employment prospects for students with a Master in Biology of Organisms and Ecology

University: 39%

Administration: 6%

Other studies: 7%

Teaching: 14%

BioEco companies: 13%

BioMed companies: 12%

Other: 9%

‘I manage a river contract in the south of Belgium, within a nature reserve financed by European funds.  Setting up a river contract entails convincing many different parties, often with opposing interests.  I have to promote the project, mainly by publishing brochures.  I organise educational activities such as workshops for children.  Administration and financial management as well as seeking funding take up a large part of my time.’ - Nicolas, graduate

Examples of career opportunities:

  • researcher at a university or public research centre,
  • teacher at a secondary school or college,
  • eco-educationalist,
  • scientific expert,
  • environmental consultant,
  • expert in ecotoxicology – REACH,
  • etc…