Laboratory of Cellular Biochemistry and Biology

The URBC gathers several interdisciplinary research teams organized around different research topics. The URBC is presently composed of 46 researchers , amongst which 14 Ph.D. and 12 technicians. The URBC works in two domains : first in fundamental research aimed to understand cellular responses to stress in normal and pathological conditions and secondly in new molecular diagnostic technologies. The laboratory masters general techniques both in the domains of molecular biology, of biochemistry and cell biology, within leading edge facilities and thanks to performing technologies: FPLC, capillary electrophoresis, 2 mass spectrometers (MALDI and Q-TOF (MS-MS)), peptide synthetizer, confocal microscopy, differential display, 2 dimension gel electrophoresis and corresponding analysis system and lastly all the DNA array technology.

The laboratory is familiar with the manipulation of cells, proteins and genomes, such as cloning, sequences analyses, gene expression, and reporter genes.