DrawProfile is a powerful graphical interface to visualise and analyze the energy profile along an optimization, along a reaction coordinate, or along a distance, angle or dihedral angle PES scan.


With DrawProfile, you can:

  1. Plot the energy during an optimization of geometry.
  2. Plot 1D and 2D energy scan.
  3. Plot energy profile along a reaction coordinate.
  4. Plot relative energy with respect to a reference value.
  5. Select the unit of energy between Hartree, eV, cal/mol, kcal/mol, J/mol, kJ/mol values.
  6. Plot the change of a distance, angle, or dihedral angle along the x axis.

ATTENTION: DrawProfile mainly open Gaussian ( log files and Gamess US ( log files.



If you use DrawProfile for your scientific work, please site DrawProfile program in your papers: DrawProfile, Vincent LIEGEOIS, UNamur, All papers that cite DrawProfile will be listed on the website