The FUNny nursery

The “FUNny” nursery accommodates 63 children. It is primarily intended for children with at least one parent working or studying at UNamur. However, any unoccupied places are made available to children unrelated to the University of Namur.

It is located at 16 rue Grandgagnage, in a house belonging to the UNamur.

Contact : +32 (0)81 72 50 50 

Email :

Directrice : Emilie Payon

On each floor, the children are divided into two living groups:

  • babies and toddlers on the 1st floor. The pivotal age being around 9 months (phase of autonomous movement and preparation for walking).
  • the medium and large on the ground floor, the pivotal age being around 27 months (more structured activities).

The nursery has two types of operation: horizontal and vertical operation.

Different criteria are taken into account to decide on the change of floor such as psychomotor and emotional development, sleep / wake rhythm, available places ...

Horizontal operation (48 places)

The 1st floor accommodates the little ones (0 to 16-18 months) and the ground floor, the older ones (16-18 months until leaving for school).

Horizontal operation

Vertical operation (15 places)

This part, located on the first floor with terrace, is a 15-seat living group in vertical operation, welcoming children from 0 months until they leave for school.

Vertical operation

Hospitality project

The hospitality project concerns the entire nursery (horizontal and vertical operation). However, the specifics of these operations mean that the educational choices are organized in a different way. More info: download the hospitality project (in French).