B a c h e l o r   i n   b i o m e d i c a l   s c i e n c e s

Fully taught in French

The Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences at UNamur is a 3-year programme organised in French only.

For more information, visit the web page in French.

M a s t e r   i n   b i o m e d i c a l   s c i e n c e s

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Fully taught in English

The University of Namur offers five Masters in Biomedical Sciences, taught entirely in English.

These degree programmes will, via research in the field of life sciences, lead you through each stage in the development of new therapeutic molecules, biomarkers and diagnostic testing.

Two areas of specialisation in clinical research are also offered, leading to careers such as clinical research associate, clinical project manager, clinical trials assistant or data manager. These professions involve setting up and monitoring clinical trials, ensuring the quality of data gathered, and compliance with applicable regulations, as well as the management of data processing.

Y o u r   o b j e c t i v e s

  • To lead scientific projects which aim for greater understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of pathologies and to improve treatment: to analyse data, interpret the results and share discoveries with the worldwide scientific community;
  • To master every stage of the development of new therapies, in particular biotechnology or cell-related therapies;
  • To develop biomarkers related to different therapies, for example using genetics and pharmacogenomics;
  • To lead and monitor preclinical or clinical trials and to be responsible for the administrative management of testing;
  • To ensure the production quality of biotechnological and biosimilar products, cell therapies (stem cells), gene therapies, tissue engineering, medical devices (implants, drug delivery devices, etc.) and so on;
  • To monitor the quality, safety and efficiency of a drug before it is placed on the market.

p r o g r a m m e s

Our 120-credit Masters are spread over two years, and the choice of a professional focus will ensure your expertise in one of the following areas:



Our 60-credit Master lasts one year and provides a basic grounding in Biomedical Sciences, in particular in the field of biopharmaceuticals.
    • at the University of Namur

I value the professional approach of the course, which is directly linked to the real world and real world issues. This course specialising in biopharmaceutics and therapeutics gives me direct access to careers in the industry and the possibility of studying abroad.  We have had the opportunity of visiting several companies, including Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Cardio 3 biosciences, MaSTherCell, Sirris and Cardiatis.  My thesis is based on a new animal experimentation model in neurology.  Thanks to this course, one of my greatest dreams will come true: to do my placement in the neurology research laboratory at Harvard.’ - Sarah, graduate