2   y e a r   m a s t e r   -   1 2 0   c r e d i t s

During this Master, you will become proficient in software design, e-business, management of IT projects and security, and development processes.

You have the choice of:

three options:


  • Computing and innovation: in this option, you will explore the concept of the Business Model, develop an entrepreneurship project and a product in the field of IT services, provide innovative solutions, create real-life situations and develop your creative skills.
  • Ambient and mobile computing: the study of all aspects of mobile application engineering: design, security, societal aspects, hardware, etc.; and the development of applications adapted for new mobile technologies such as smartphones, tablets and sensor networks
  • IT for business: the design and development of information systems according to user needs and values, taking account of alignment, ethical and legal requirements and sustainable development.
  • Fundamentals of IT: explores the fundamentals of IT, such as building high reliability software, algorithmic solving of complex problems and new programming languages..

And a professional focus:

Programme structure and courses

Software engineering (planned for 2019-2020): this focus will develop your skills in software engineering.  It provides an in-depth study of the processes and techniques involved in software design, construction and development, examines the principles of evaluating and improving the quality of software and explores the technology behind human-machine interaction and the evolution of information systems.


A 4-month placement in Belgium or abroad – a unique professional and cultural experience!

A placement in business, at a university or in a research centre will introduce you to the world of work and will assist you in the writing of your thesis.

The Faculty of Computer Science encourages international mobility and offers a large range of opportunities to spend time abroad at renowned foreign universities or companies.


Programme structure and coursesData science: Develops the tools needed to be able to extract, store, analyse, visualise and interpret data in various different quantities and forms.  Develops expertise in big data, data warehousing, machine learning, data mining, information visualisation, graph mining and business intelligence.


You will complete your studies by writing and defending a thesis.

You have a Bachelor in Management Engineering or in Mathematics from UNamur and you would like to do a Master in Computer Science…

You can do this by means of specific options taken in addition to your original studies: ‘Business computing’ (for Bachelors in Management Engineering with a specialisation in Information Management) and ‘Computing and Mathematics’ (for Bachelors in Mathematics).