B a c h e l o r   i n   C o m p u t e r   s c i e n c e

Fully taught in FrenchThe Bachelor in Computer Science at UNamur is a 3-year programme organised in French only.

For more information, visit the web page in French.

M A S T E R   I N   C O M P U T E R   S C I E N C E

Fully taught in French

The Master in Computer Science at UNamur encourages autonomy and critical thinking and develops an ability to work collaboratively on computing projects, from analysis through to implementation.

‘IT is the backbone of organisations these days.  It is too often wrongly thought of as simply a technological discipline.  The Faculty of Computer Science at Namur has always preferred to provide its students with a much broader vision, emphasising the human being, organisations, business economics and communication: a winning combination for its students!  All these tools are extremely useful in my profession.  I am convinced that in the future, our society will need such IT professionals more than ever.’  - Yves, Senior Standards Architect - SWIFT

Y O U R   O B J E C T I V E S

  • To learn how to oversee, design and develop innovative projects with high added value for companies and which help our society to progress.
  • To master information and communication technologies: programming, databases, operating and network systems, distributed systems, web technologies, security, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • To design major IT applications in the field of medicine, the banking and finance sector and telecommunications, for the government, in research and development and in the science sector.
  • To be familiar with and to understand the organisational environment within which applications function, in particular the relationships between IT and individuals, companies and society.
  • To respond to the explosion in demand related to big data in all those sectors facing increasingly complex data (companies, hospitals, banks, universities, etc.).

W H Y   S T U D Y   A T   U N A M U R ?

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