Welcome to the Faculty of Law !

The Faculty of Law is active in both teaching and research.


étudiante en droitThe Faculty of Law offers a Bachelors in Law, a Specialised Masters in Information technology and communication law, a Specialised Masters in Human Rights (in partnership with UCL and Saint-Louis University) and a Specialised Masters in Gender Studies.

According to the Jesuit tradition, excellence and high standards in training combine with the easy accessibility of teaching staff for students.

To meet both ambitions is our daily challenge and pride.


The Faculty of Law’s two research centres have developed activities in the following areas: CRID (Research Centre for Computers and Law) and Basic Rights and Social Cohesion.

All research is carried out in close cooperation with other faculties and universities, at both national and international levels.

Results of research lead to an important number of doctoral theses/PhDs and directly influence European and national rulemaking. These results are also taken into account in teaching at the Faculty of Law, thus keeping it continuously up-to-date.