Research Center in Information System Engineering

PReCISE is a research center of the Namur Digital Institute of the University of Namur (FUNDP) devoted to the engineering and management of advanced information systems. It is part of the Faculty of Computer Science. It was created in 2005 from existing research groups.


Nowadays, developing information systems and integrating them into global business services are extremely difficult endeavors. Current challenges include unprecedented levels of complexity, increasingly large numbers of stakeholders, and the necessity to master a growing range of skills, techniques, tools and methods. Mastering such a process requires a high-level expertise and a fine weave of interactions between complementary disciplines, such as Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Human-Machine Interaction, etc. PReCISE promotes scientific research in and across these disciplines, and ambitions to narrow the gap between them.


The core purpose of PReCISE is the development and dissemination of high quality scientific knowledge in the area of information system engineering. To this end, PReCISE:

  • Provides a supportive environment and facilities for research, including the training of PhD students and hosting of postdoctoral and visiting researchers.
  • Pursues scientific cooperation with local, national and international entities in academia and in the public and private sectors.
  • Disseminates research results by publishing in leading peer-reviewed journals and by contributing to, and organizing, international conferences.
  • Exchanges knowledge with practitioners through Belgian networks of ICT entreprises (Infopole-Cluster TIC (Wallonia) and SIRRIS), its spin-off companies (SkalUp, while ReveR and Polymedis have been sold) and partner research transfer agencies (CETIC, MultiTel, and LIST).
  • Develops strong international collaborations that result in joint publications and frequent exchanges of researchers with over forty research organizations in Europe and around the world. PReCISE participates actively in several national and European projects.

Doctoral schools

PReCISE is involved in the FNRS Interuniversity Graduate School in Computing Science (GRASCOMP)