The detailed information you will find by following the link is available only in french. The principal language of teaching is French
Bachelor Degree (three years)
Master Degree (two years; organized within Académie Louvain)
  • Mathematics: the programme is centred on applied mathematics, with a particular attention to modelling. The principal disciplines taught are numerical analysis, optimization and control, dynamic statistics and systems. It offers as a perspective either teaching or specializing. The latter is centred on the professional possibilities opened by applied mathematics.
  • Physics: the programme is centred on the physics of materials and of radiation. It is constructed around the two poles of research in the Physics Department: nanomaterials and photonics. The overall perspective is either teaching or further studies. The latter is centred on the physics of lasers, spectroscopy, the physics of nanostructures and methods of characterizing materials.
  • Chemistry: the programme is centred, on the one hand, on the chemical aspects of biology and pharmacology, and on the other hand, the chemistry of new materials, with a strong applied component specializing in surfaces and nanomaterials. It offers as an objective (training for research in the fields of supramolecular chemistry and biomolecules, the chemistry of nanomaterials and surfaces, and theoretical chemistry) and a specialization, centred on chemistry in industry (introduction to economics and management, intellectual property and patents…)
  • Biochemistry and molecular and cell biology: the programme is co-organized by the Department of Biology and the Faculty of Medicine. It considers cellular and molecular biology from the level of bacteria to man, and from genes to systems, in either their normal or pathological functioning. It offers a perspective of both specializing or teaching
  • Biology of organisms and ecology: the programme is organized jointly by the FUNDP and by the Université Catholique de Louvain. It aims at training specialists capable of analysing and understanding ecosystems independent of whether they are aquatic or land based. It proposes a perspective in teaching (including advanced seminars and a 5 month laboratory based training course) or further specialization. The latter is centred on environmental biology.
Advanced Master in
Doctoral Studies

The teaching is based on research of international reputation, in such sectors as biotechnology, nanotechnology, physics and chemistry of surfaces and interfaces, and applied mathematics. By offering a broad range of disciplines, a progressive specialization, a training that is continually updated and an interdisciplinary approach, the Faculty of Sciences invites each year more than thousand students to become real actors in their own education.