Masters degrees

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Meaningful teaching

Human-centred and ethical

The question of meaning and the human focus are the guiding principles at the University of Namur. In all disciplines – science, economics, management, computer science or biomedical sciences – you are trained to take responsibility.

The commitment of the professors and assistants to their teaching role is a priority for the University. You are central to their concerns throughout your course.

Open to the world

40% of the students complete an internship or take part of their course abroad (in Europe, the USA, Japan, Brazil and elsewhere). Some also travel to developing countries for internships, study trips or immersion trips steered by FUCID, an NGO that is run by the University. Language learning helps turn you and all students at Namur into citizens of the world.


Research is the driver of teaching at both masters and doctorate level. From your masters dissertation onwards, you participate in research work. For your doctoral thesis, you become a member of a team of researchers.