Work permit and work permit extension

Situations requiring a work permit

In Belgium the current regulations state that any employer wishing to employ a foreign employee (non-EU nationals) in the country must first apply for and obtain a work permit for that employee.

There are different types of work permits available in Belgium:

Work permit type A

It is issued (provided all the required conditions are met) for an indefinite period and is valid for all employers on Belgian territory. It is granted to foreign nationals who can prove 4 working years that are covered by a work permit type B, during a maximum and uninterrupted residence period of 10 years.

Work permit type B

It is a temporary permit (it is valid for a maximum of 12 months but is renewable) and is strictly limited to one employer.

Work permit type C

It is valid for one year (but is renewable) for all salaried jobs and is granted to people with a specific residence status such as students, refugees, etc.

How to apply

The employer in Belgium is responsible for requesting the right to employ a foreign citizen and for the work permit type B application.

Over  30  work  permit  exemptions  exist  in  Belgium, some  of  which  are  applicable  towards researchers and students under specific conditions.

At the University of Namur, the Human Resources Department (contact person: Ms ) apply for the work permit to the Région wallonne administration. The first time, the Researchers Helpdesk is in charge of picking it up at the Town Hall and sending it to you. Next, you have to picking it up by your own at the Town Hall.

The Région wallonne Administration produces the work permit within one month after the submission.

Work permit exemptions…

Work permit extension

Your  work  permit  has  to  be  renewed  each  year.  The  Human  Resources  Department  of  the

University apply for and inform you as soon as it is available at the Town Hall.

Bring the following documents to the secretary of the HR Departement:

  • filled form by Town Hall;
  • copy of residence permit;
  • copy of work permit in current validity.

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