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You are foreign researcher and you soon go to make a stay to the University of Namur or are there already. As a visiting researcher, you will certainly need some help and supplementary information about this stay, and what to do before and after your arrival. This document should give you answers to some of your initial questions and any others that may arise.

To begin, we wish you a good journey and hope you have a pleasant and productive stay. As the person in charge of assisting all visiting students, Jean-Paul Leonis will be your contact to help you with any logistics regarding your arrival in Namur. Those steps are described in these pages. Moreover, to complement the information given by your work supervisor at the University of Namur, we can give you information about life in Namur and in Belgium and you may contact us for further information.

Amongst other duties, your work supervisor is in charge of any correspondence and form-filling requested to organise your venue and your accommodation: the letter of invitation, work permit and rental contract. He will also collect the keys to your room and find an arrangement to welcome you upon arrival.

These pages are a short guide intended to help your life in Namur. It is not exhaustive, but covers the main concerns. You will also discover more of the city and the country on your own.

If you have any questions or concerns, before or during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact Jean-Paul Leonis: a timely question can solve many potential problems.

Good reading!

For the staff,

Jean-Paul Leonis

Thematic information in the left menu


Host agreement
For non-EU national post-doctoral researchers only.
Visa application
In which situation you need it and how to get it.
"Welcome to Schengen" insurance policy
Required insurance to extend your stay in a Schengen country.
Work permit
Situations requiring a work permit and how to apply.
Work permit exemptions
Situations in which you do not need work permit.


Cellule des rémunérations / Payroll Department
Unit of the Human Resources Department in charge of social matters.
"Déclaration d'arrivée" (Declaration of arrival)
Only for Non-EU nationals in short stay.
Déclaration de présence (reporting of presence)
Only for EU nationals in short stay.
Extension of Declaration of arrival
Extension of residence permit
Extension of work permit
Grant agreement
In application for grantholders.
Mutuelle (health care insurance)
Compulsory insurance for long stays.
National number
Opening a bank account
How and where. What includes the package.
Residence permit
For all stays of more than 3 months.
Service des inscriptions / Registration Department
For PhD students only.
Student's card
Town Hall (permis de residence/residence permit, déclaration d’arrivée/Declaration of arrival, declaration de présence…)
Address, contact and opening hours of the Town Hall.
Transfer to Namur
How to organise your transfer from the airports to Namur
Type of residence card (or permit)
Paper version or electronic version: which one to choose?
Work contract
In application when you earn a salary.


Domestic wastes management
Rules in process in Namur.
General rules about housing in the University.
Registration of rental contract
In what case and how to proceed.
Rental contract (with private landlord)
In the case you do not live in an accommodation of the University of Namur.
Tenancy agreement (with University of Namur)


Doctoral grant
Work permit exemption.
Drivers / Car owners
Parking, driving licence and registration of your car in Belgium.
Lost or stolen documents
Useful tip: It isn’t easy to remember to have all needed documents with us at all times. It is advised to make photocopies or to scan all documents and to leave them in a safe place, and/or save them on a server (not on mobile phones, i-pods, i-pads, or laptops).
Passport photo size
Sworn translators and authenticated copy of documents

Taxes and social security

Local taxes
Taxes not included in the rent.
Social Security
Tax declaration
How to fill it.
General information about tax system in Belgium.
TV tax

Life, culture and leisure

Canteens (dining room)
French courses (for the family)
Living in Namur
A short presentation of the city.
Metis courses (Cours métis)
Courts integrating the point of view of the South into the subject, aimed at the professors and the students
Tourist information
Weekly markets in Namur

Related links and documents

Doctoral studies in Belgium


This website gives you further information about visa, work permit, and so on:


This is the intranet of the University of Namur. It contains a lot of information about the university and the latest in terms of scientific research You also will find a lot of useful information about your life in Namur (in the "verbo" section).

You have access to it through your university id and password (given at your arrival).


This website gives you basic information about travel, formalities and life in Belgium (also for other countries).

Vivre en Belgique

Bienvenue à Namur

A pocket guide for newcomers, with essential information about Namur.

  1. Settling in and Communicating
  2. Birth and Early Childhood
  3. Receiving education in Namur
  4. Working in Namur
  5. •Receiving Social Help
  6. Legal Consultation and Services
  7. Moving about
  8. Respecting the Environment
  9. Leisure and Entertainment
  10. Worship
  11. Health
  12. Housing
    Map of the town
  13. Managing your Budget

The following link is in French, but you can download this guide on pdf format in English, Albanian, Arabic, Russian or Turkish.


EU national Post-doc researcher

Main administrative procedures you have to accomplish and relevant information related with your status.

Short stay (≤ 3 months), EU national

Main administrative procedures you have to accomplish and relevant information related with your status.

Stay > 3 months, EU national

Main administrative procedures you have to accomplish and relevant information related with your status.

Stay > 3 months, non EU national

Main administrative procedures you have to accomplish and relevant information related with your status.

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