B a c h e l o r   i n   p h y s i c s

Fully taught in FrenchThe Bachelor in Physics at UNamur is a 3-year programme organised in French only.

For more information, visit the web page in French.

m a s t e r   I n   p h y s i C S

Fully taught in FrenchThe University of Namur’s Master in Physics is the perfect complement to your three-year Bachelor and will develop your expertise in one of the following three fields:

  • Matter, energy and environment: a research focus on basic research, in which energy, matter and environment all interact.
  • Physics of living organisms: a professional focus on research in the medical sector, business and public bodies and on the implications and potential of physics in the area of biology and the human being.
  • Physics and education: a teaching focus to ensure the education of our future scientists at secondary level and/or in higher education.

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