C a r e e r   o p p o r t u n i t i e s

Your multidisciplinary background (in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physical Chemistry, New Materials, etc.) will give you access to a wide range of careers: university research, teaching, roles in IT, development roles in industry or in the hospital sector, etc.

Rigorous, with an analytical mind, excellent mathematical modelling skills and a broad knowledge of the sciences, you will be able to contribute to the progress of knowledge and to the development of applications used to serve mankind.  All these skills will be highly appreciated in the jobs market.


  • MARIE, patents engineer
    ‘I am responsible for my company’s intellectual property.  My work is at the boundary between science and law.  I interact constantly with our research department to evaluate patentable ideas.’


  • CECILE, hospital radiophysicist
    ‘I monitor the hospital’s radiotherapy machines and I am also responsible for calculating patient treatment plans.’


  • JULIEN, aeronautical project manager
    ‘I am responsible for managing aeronautical projects and associated IT applications.’


  • NICOLAS, business trainer
    ‘I give training courses on the physics of cyclotrons, radiofrequency and radiation protection.  I teach mainly research and production professionals.’


  • XAVIER, R&D researcher
    ‘I develop and evaluate new types of glass for screens and car windows.’


  • GILLES, project manager in the nuclear industry
    ‘I oversee the replacing of detection systems in nuclear power plants, from technical design to installation.  I also characterise radioactive waste.’