What you wantStrenghts

  • To gain proficiency in all stages of the development of new treatments, especially those of a biotechnological or cellular origin;

  • To develop biomarkers associated with different treatments, for example using genetics and pharmaco-genomics;

  • To oversee and supervise preclinical and clinical studies;

  • To ensure the production quality of biotechnological and biosimilar products, of cell therapies (e.g. stem cells), of gene therapies, of tissue engineering and of medical devices, such as implants, drug delivery devices, etc.



  • Based on thorough training in:

    • biopharmaceuticals: pharmacotherapy, health technology assessment, biosynthetic drugs, pharmacovigilance;

    • and therapeutics: clinical and non-clinical experimental approaches, biomedical engineering;

  • Includes specialisation in one of the following two areas of work:
    • preclinical research (biomarkers/pharmacology);
    • clinical research (CRA).
  • Complemented with numerous company and hospital visits and a five-month internship in a laboratory or company in Belgium or abroad;
  • Rounded off with a dissertation in which you conduct a personal project from design through to implementation.