The NARC achieves a double objective
  • To offer an environment allowing a few outstanding young researchers to devote most of their working time to research, while being preserved from administrative, logistic and other everyday loads.
  • To ensure the visibility of salient researches inside and outside the UNamur.


NARC logoThe NARC Fellows are selected according to their own merits, on the basis of a set of stringent criteria.

Each Fellow must be recommended by a Mentor selected by him or her. The Mentor must be an eminent scientist who may testify to the exceptional qualities of the fellow.

The Mentor will, in addition, interact as a guide with the Fellow.

All together, the Mentors constitute an international, high-rank advisory board for the NARC.

The achievements of the fellows are evaluated by independent experts.

The actual NARC Fellows are Prof. Davide Bonifazi, Prof. Damien Hermand, Prof. Laurence Meurant and Prof. Karine Van Doninck.