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Lobet Research Group

We investigate various photonic systems such as metamaterials, photonic crystals, plasmonic systems and 2D materials. We use and develop numerical tools, coupled with classical and quantum electrodynamical models to study those novel and applied systems. Particular attention is paid to the development of machine learning techniques in photonics and applications oriented “green photonics”.
  • Metamaterials and plasmonics

Metamaterials are artificially structured materials used to control and manipulate light, sound, and many other physical phenomena. The properties of metamaterials are derived both from the inherent properties of their constituent materials and from the geometrical arrangement of those materials.

In particular, we investigate photonic properties of near-zero refractive index materials and plasmonic systems.


Fig 1: Illustration of emission properties of various near-zero index materials



Ongoing collaborations: I. Liberal (Navarra), E. Mazur (Harvard), N. Engheta (UPenn), Y. Li (Tsinghua), H. Bi (JI Hua lab), L. Henrard (UNamur).



Recent publications:

- H. Li, Z. Zhou, Z., W. Sun, M. Lobet, N. Engheta, I. Liberal, Y. Li, “Direct observation of ideal electromagnetic fluids”, Nat. Commun 13, 4747 (2022)

M. Lobet, I. Liberal, L. Vertchenko, A. Lavrinenko, N. Engheta, E. Mazur, “Momentum considerations inside near-zero index materials”, Light Sci Appl 11, 110 (2022)

- O. Mello, Y. Li, S.A. Camayd-Muñoz, C. DeVault, M. Lobet, H. Tang, M. Lonçar, E. Mazur "Extended many-body superradiance in diamond epsilon near-zero metamaterials", Appl. Phys. Lett. 120, 061105 (2022)

- I. Liberal, M. Lobet, Y. Li, N. Engheta, “Near-zero index media as electromagnetic ideal fluids”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117 (39) 24050-24054 (2020).

M. Lobet, I. Liberal, E. N. Knall, M. Zahirul Alam, O. Reshef, R. W. Boyd, N. Engheta, E. Mazur, “Fundamental Radiative Processes in Near-Zero-Index Media of Various Dimensionalities”, ACS Photonics, 7 (8), 1965-1970 (2020).

- H. Bi, M. Lobet, S. Saikin, Y. Li, C. Huo, J. Jiahuang, W. Xiaohong J. Reichert, A. Aspuru-Guzik, E. Mazur, “Optically-induced molecular logic operations”, ACS Nano, 14,11, 15248-15255, 2020.


  •  Machine learning and green photonics

This research axis entails the development of efficient strategies for light absorption. Therefore, we designed photonic crystals and metamaterial approach to trap light inside photonic systems. We studied perovskite solar cells and ultra-broadband perfect absorbers and used machine learning strategies to do so.


Fig 2: Ultra-broadband perfect absorbers developed using machine learning techniques



Ongoing collaborations: J. Dewalque (ULg), A. Maho (Bordeaux), A. Mayer (UNamur), O. Deparis (UNamur).



Recent publications :

- N. Daem, A. Mayer, G. Spronck, P. Colson, J. Loicq, C. Henrist, R. Cloots, A. Maho, M. Lobet, J. Dewalque ACS Applied Nano Materials 2022 5 (9), 13583-13593

-  A. Maho, M. Lobet, N. Daem, P. Piron, G. Sprong, J. Loicq, R. Cloots, P. Colson, C. Henrist, J. Dewalque “Photonic structuration of hybrid inverse-opal TiO2 perovskite layers for enhanced light absorption in solar cells”, ACS Applied Energy Materials, 4, 1108-1119 (2021).

M. Lobet, P. Piron, J. Dewalque, A.Maho, O. Deparis, C. Henrist, J. Loicq, "Efficiency enhancement of perovskite solar cells based on opal-like photonic crystals," Opt. Express 27, 32308-32322 (2019).

- A. Mayer, H. Bi, S. Griesse-Nascimento, B. Hackens, J. Loicq, E. Mazur, O. Deparis, M. Lobet, "Genetic-algorithm-aided ultra-broadband perfect absorbers using plasmonic metamaterials," Opt. Express 30, 1167-1181 (2022)



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