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You will find here some publications involving NASCAM simulations, NOT cited by our group. Should you be interested in putting the reference to one of your publication here, feel free to send me the request and the information.

Prof. S. Lucas -

Effect of Pre-Oxidation on a Ti PVD Coated Ferritic Steel Substrate during High-Temperature Aging - Maria-Rosa Ardigo-Besnard, Aurélien Besnard, Galy Nkou Bouala, Pascal Boulet, Yoann Pinot and Quentin Ostorero - Crystals 2022, 12, 1732 -

The importance of discharge voltage in DC magnetron sputtering for energy of sputtered and backscattered atoms on the substrate: Monte-Carlo simulations - Alireza Farhadizadeh, Tomáš Kozák - Vacuum Available online 1 November 2021, -

Modeling and Experimental Investigations of Nanostructured Ag Thin Films Produced by Oblique-Angle Deposition and Its SERS Performance - Datai Hui, Shun Zhou, Changlong Cai, Shigeng Song, Zhentao Wu, Jian Song, Da Zhang, Xiao Meng, Bo Lu, Yingbu Duan, Hayrigul Tursun and Des Gibson - Coatings, April 2021 -

Exploring the effect on the columnar structure and porosity of the synthesized Be films by oblique angle deposition in magnetron sputtering - Donghui Fu , Xinlu Cheng, Physica B 590 (2020) 412221.

Efecto de la rotación del sustrato sobre los exponentes deescalamiento de la rugosidad en películas crecidas mediante latécnica glad - Sebastián Camilo Mendoza Rincón, PhD thesis, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Manizales, 2020.

Recent Advances in the Development of Nano-Sculpted Films by Magnetron Sputtering for Energy-Related Applications -  A. Panepinto, R. Snyders,Nanomaterials 2020, 10(10), 2039.

Study on the area ratio of Nb–Sn target for the preparation of Nb3Sn films, Shuang-Kai Chen, Yu-Chen Yang & Di-Zhou Guo , Radiation Detection Technology and Methods volume 3, 54 (2019).

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Optical Properties of ZnS Zig-Zag Thin Films - M. Minbashi, R. Zarei Moghadam, M. H. Ehsani, H. R. Dizaji and M. K. Omrani - Iranian Journal of Materials Science & Engineering Vol. 16, No. 3, September 2019 - Online here...

Experimental and Modeling Study of the Fabrication of Mg Nano-Sculpted Films by Magnetron Sputtering Combined with Glancing Angle Deposition - Liang, X. Geng,W. Li 1, A.  Panepinto, D. Thiry, M. Chen, R. Snyders. Coatings 2019, 9(6), 361.

Experiments and modelling for glow discharge plasmas applied to niobium sputter deposition in superconducting radiofrequency cavities - T. RICHARD, PhD thesis, CERN, 2019.

Growth simulation oblique layers of cadmium telluride and zinc sulfide and comparison with experimental results, reza zareimoghadam, Journal of Research on Many-body Systems 7 (2017) 9-16 , doi: 10.22055/jrmbs.2017.19682.1231 (in Arabic).

Dynamic Atomic Scale Sintering of Nanoparticle Catalysts - Thomas Edward Martin, PhD thesis, University of York, 2015.

Morphology control of zinc regeneration for zinc-air fuel cell and battery - Keliang Wang, Pucheng Pei, Ze Ma, Huachi Xu, Pengcheng Li, Xizhong Wang, Journal of Power Sources, 271 (2014) 65-75.