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Abstract AI talk

14H00-15H00 AI TALK

Gilles Louppe (ULiège): Deep Learning for Simulation-based Inference in the Physical Sciences


Artificial Intelligence is today at the heart of technological and scientific fields. In just a few years, it has not only transcended the boundaries of the impossible but also revolutionized our approach to solving complex problems. From spectacular advances in computer vision, protein structure prediction, to the recent development of conversational agents like ChatGPT, AI has become a key technology for the future of our society.

In this talk, we will focus on how AI, and more specifically Deep Learning, can be used to solve complex inverse problems commonly found in scientific disciplines. We will give an overview of the nascent field of Simulation-Based Inference and present some of our recent work on the topic. We will also discuss the challenges and opportunities of this new field, and how it can help us better understand the world around us.