Sebastien NENONSébastien NENON

Post-doctoral researcher

(2012-2013) Now in Paris

Research topics:

  • Theoretical investigation of non-linear optics and electronic properties at organic/inorganic interfaces.

  • xperimental investigations on ambipolar field effect transistors

 Representative references:

  • Nénon, S., Méreau, R., Salman, S., Castet, F., Van Regemorter, T., Clima, S., Beljonne, D., Cornil, J., Structural and Electronic Properties of the TTF/ZnO(10-10) Interface: Insights From Modeling, J. Phys. Chem. Letters, 3, 58 (2012)

  • Nénon, S., Champagne, B., SCC-DFTB calculation of the static first hyperpolarizability: from gas phase molecules to functionalized surfaces, J. Chem. Phys., 138, 204107 (2013)

  • S. Nénon, B. Champagne, and M. Spassova, Assessing long-range corrected functionals with physically-adjusted range-separating parameter for calculating the polarizability and the second hyperpolarizability of polydiacetylene and polybutatriene chains, PCCP 16, 7083-7088 (2014).