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Études et Formations
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Present & futur research projects

Materials for Energy and (Photo)Catalysis


  • Coupling of different technonologies for the degradation of VOCs : New way to improve the air quality (FEDER project).
  • Design and Synthesis of highly efficient catalysts based on hierarchically structured meso-macroporous materials for catalytic removal of pollutants from the wood combusion in residential boilers (European commission – Wallonia co-funded project).
  • Place Pt atoms in different porosity of highly ordered hierarchically micro-meso-macroporous zeolite single crystals for highly effecicient catalytic degradation of VOCs
  • Solw photons in inverse opal photonic crystals for high enhanced Photocatalysis
  • Hierarchically structured porous materials for Li-Se batteries (CSC Project)


Bioencapsuation for energy, environment and health care


  • Encapsulation of photosynthetic cyanobacteria in hybrid transperant porous matrice for environmental remediation (FRIA Project).
  • Algae Factory : Massive culture of microalgae and their valorisation for the production of highly added value molecules (Coordinator of the project financed by FEDER).
  • Design and synthesis of photosynthetic hybrid materials by encapsulation of plant cells in Alginate@Silica microcapsules for production of molecules of interest (FRIA Project).
  • Encapsulation of photosynthetic cyanobacteria single cell (CSC project).
  • Design of artificial organs by encapsulation of animal cells (Beta) in Alginate @SiO2@TiO2 for the cell therapy of diabets of type I


Design of photosynthetic solar cells for the production of chemicals and electricity

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