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Participation in european projects

GEHA IP / EC FP6 / MP-IP-3003-125

Genetics of Healthy Ageing, Coordinator : Prof C. Franceschi, U. of Bologna

EUCOBIG (contract being negociated)

European College of Biogerontology, Coordinator : Prof. T.B.L. Kirkwood, U.K.


Impact of new technologies on the health benefits and safety of bioactive plant compounds

CELLAGE CRAFT / EC FP5 / QLK3CT-2002-71628

Development of a screening system enabling the  evaluation of cellular senescence for skin product  testing, Coordinator : Dr. Zeevi Maor, DSL, Israel

PROTAGE  SCA / EC FP5 / QLK61999-02193

The role of proteasome in human ageing:  implications for anti-ageing strategies, Coordinator : Prof. B. Friguet, U. of Paris7

GENAGE  SCA / EC FP4 / BMH4-CT98-3149

Genes involved in ageing and longevity, Coordinator : Prof. B. F.C. Clark, U. of Aarhus  


Functional genomics and proteomics in human  molecular gerontology and geriatrics, Coordinator : Dr. O. Toussaint, U. of Namur  

MOLGERON  BMHI-CT94-1710 / Molecular gerontology

The identification of links between ageing and the onset of age-related  diseases, Coordinator : Prof. B. F.C. Clark, U. of Aarhus


Euroconferences on Biological Ageing, Coordinator : Dr. O. Toussaint, U. of Namur

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