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Presentations skills and academic writing training session

The DeFiPP institute is organizing a short doctoral course on Academic Writing and Oral Presentation Skills, open to PhD students and other researchers. This course will be taught by Kristin Blanpin and An Laffut from KULeuven, respectively on Academic Writing and Oral Presentation Skills.

Each part of this training session includes 3 sessions. The following topics will be covered:

1. Presentation skills

  • Session 1: Thu 20 May | Tips and Trick
  • Session 2: Tue 25 May | Researcher presentations with feedback
  • Session 3: Wed 26 May | Researcher presentations with feedback

2. Academic Writing

  • Session 1: Wed 2 June | Writing an introduction and literature review
  • Session 2: Fri 4 June | Writing a methods, results and discussion section
  • Session 3: Wed 9 June | Writing an abstract - Improving style , Peer review of participants' own texts


We recommend you register to the whole course.  However, you can register to the presentation skills or academic writing parts seperately. If you are interested in attending the course, please register below. There is a limited number of seats and priority will be given to early registration.

If you are not affiliated with DeFiPP, a participation fee may be required.

The course is due to be taught in a face to face mode.  Should the sanitary conditions improve otherwise, it will be organized remotely mode via teams.

Deadline for registration: 19/02/2021

Any questions?  Organizer: Romain Houssa - Contact:



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