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Actions de recherche concertée (ARC)

DénominationPorteur(s) UNamur
Assessing content and language integrated learning (CLIL):Linguistic, cognitive and educational perspectives PI: L. Mettewie
Bdelloid rotifers: “another gift from nature?”

PI : K. Van Doninck/ Co-PI : F. Chainiaux

Biogenesis and maintenance of the outer membrane of alpha-proteobacteria PI : X. De Bolle
Epigenetic mechanisms of disease PI : O. De Backer
Improving the photochromism and thermochromism in the solid state by co-crystallization: an integrated physico-chemical approach PI : B. Champagne / Co-PI : J. Wouters
Mining and optimization of big data models PI : R. Lambiotte
Philosophie critique de l’à-venir. Temporalité, imagination, utopie PI : S. Laoureux / Co-PI : N. Monseu
PolarCat: A new tool for advanced catalysis science–balancing hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity PI : C. Aprile