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CBEK FNRS contact group

The CBEK (Centre Belge d’Etudes Kartstologiques) is a FNRS contact Group created in 1978.   Its aim is to enable contacts between Belgian and non-Belgian specialists as geologists, hydrogeologists, geophysicists, archeologists, …  , belonging to the scientific domain that concerns all karstic environments.  Karstic studies are part of the FNRS Physics, Chemistry, Geophysics and Earth science group.

Since more than 20 years, the CBEK supports the “Speleological Scientific Days” that bring together a minimum of 100 participants of different nationalities.

Prof. (UNamur, ILEE), member of CBEK, is also a member of the "Géoparc Famenne-Ardenne", which has recently become a UNESCO Global Geoparc.  Read more...

2018 conferences

Special guest, invited by Prof. Vincent Hallet : Prof. Chris Groves

He will be in Belgium in May 2018 for 3 conferences. Chris Groves is a University Distinguished Professor of Hydrogeology at WKU. He received a PhD from the University of Virginia in Environmental Sciences with an emphasis on geochemistry and hydrogeology. He currently serves as an Associate Editor of Hydrogeology Journal and a member of the Governing Board of the International Research Center on Karst Under the Auspices of UNESCO.


4 May 18 University of Namur, D1 auditorium

Measuring impacts of Karst Systems on the Carbon Cycle

5 May 18

Domaine des grottes de Han

(Ferme du Dry Hamptay)

The Mammoth Cave System : the World's Most Extensive Known Cave

7 May 18

Univeristé de Liège - Bât 11 (parking P12)

Hydrogeology of Mammoth Cave National Park: Why is the World's Longest Known Cave Here?

These events were organized by the CBEK FNRS contact group and ...