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What is CoARA

Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment

Logo CoARAThe vision of CoARA is that the assessment of research, researchers and research organisations recognises the diverse outputs, practices and activities that maximise the quality and impact of research. This requires basing assessment primarily on qualitative judgement, for which peer review is central, supported by responsible use of quantitative indicators.

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The Agreement

Based on 10 commitments, the agreement establishes a common direction for research assessment reform, while respecting organisations’ autonomy. The Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment sets a shared direction for changes in assessment practices for research, researchers and research performing organisations, with the overarching goal to maximise the quality and impact of research.

The Agreement includes the principles, commitments and timeframe for reforms and lays out the principles for a Coalition of organisations willing to work together in implementing the changes.

Read the full agreement here.

The 10 Commitments

  1. Recognise the diversity of contributions to, and careers in, research in accordance with the needs and nature of the research 
  2. Base research assessment primarily on qualitative evaluation for which peer review is central, supported by responsible use of quantitative indicators 
  3. Abandon inappropriate uses in research assessment of journal- and publication-based metrics, in particular inappropriate uses of Journal Impact Factor (JIF) and h-index 
  4. Avoid the use of rankings of research organisations in research assessment 
  5. Commit resources to reforming research assessment as is needed to achieve the organisational changes committed to  
  6. Review and develop research assessment criteria, tools and processes
  7. Raise awareness of research assessment reform and provide transparent communication, guidance, and training on assessment criteria and processes as well as their use 
  8. Exchange practices and experiences to enable mutual learning within and beyond the Coalition 
  9. Communicate progress made on adherence to the Principles and implementation of the Commitments 
  10. Evaluate practices, criteria and tools based on solid evidence and the state-of-the-art in research on research, and make data openly available for evidence gathering and research.


The agreement is open for signature to organisations from across the world. As of 9 October 2023, 637 organisations, UNamur included, have signed the agreement.

Find out who are the signatories here.  

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