Scientific Program

The description of the program will be regularly updated.

08h30 : Welcome and registration

09h15 : UCL, LDRI (Louvain Drug Research Institute)

09h30 : Chiara Bastiancich « Lipid nanocapsules nanomedicine hydrogel for the local treatment of glioblastoma ».

09h45 : Tamara Milosevic « Mitochondrial alterations induced by oxazolidinone antibiotics in human cultured cells ».

10h00 : Quentin Spillier « Synthesis and evaluation of new PHGDH inhibitors as potential anticancer agents ».

10h15 : Francesco Suriano « Therapeutic effects of food components : focus on wheat bran fractions ».

10h30 : Coffee-break

10h45 : ULg, CIRM (Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur le Médicament)

11h00 : Allison Ledoux « Natural compound-containing liposome for targeted activities toward P. falciparum infected red blood cells »

11h15 : Elodie Dumont « Development of SERS nanosensors for the detection of small bioactive molecules by cellular analysis in complex matrices »

11h30 : Elena Farcas « Partial filling affinity capillary electrophoresis as a useful tool for fragment-based drug discovery: a proof of concept on thrombin »

11h45 : Justine Leenders « Metabolomics approach of endometriosis »

12h00 : Lunch

13h00 : UMons

13h15 : Gilson Romoaldo « Emotions and saliva : Metabonomic profiling and quantification of biomarkers. ».

13h30 : Aline Derenne « Development of specific molecules using the phage display technology allowing a targeted drug delivery to skeletal muscles in the aim to treat muscular disorders.  ».

13h45 : Alexandra Baroni « TAD click-chemistry onto aliphatic polycarbonates: a promising platform for tailor made drug delivery. ».

14h00 : Ioan Neaga « Affinity capillary electrophoresis as fast screening method for oligonucleotides-ligands interaction assessment to identify potentially active compounds in myotonic dystrophy type 1 ».

14h15 : ULB 

14h30 : Ibaa Chikh Alard “Investigation of magnetic properties of tetrahaloferrate-based polymers and application to the formation of triple stimuli responsive materials”

14h45 : Ekaterina Bojilova Albert “Extrachromosomal HPV-16 LCR transcriptional activation by HDACi opposed by cellular differentiation and DNA integration”

15h00 : Mélanie Lelubre "SIMENON study: implementation study of the polymedication check in Belgian community pharmacies"

15h15 : Marie Vandeput "Study of ethoxyquin stability and assay in real samples by electrochemical methods"

15h30 : Coffee-break

16h00 : UNamur

16h15 : Marie Haufroid « Study of the inhibition of SerB2 (Mycobacterium tuberculosis phosphoserine phosphatase) : identification of new potential hits. ».

16h30 : Marie-Ange Angladon « Comparison of the μ opioid receptor embedded in two membranes: POPC and POPE. ».

16h45 : Closing remarks