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How to apply

First of all,

you must ensure that your university has a bilateral agreement with UNamur and that your home institution has to send a letter to confirm your nomination

  • before Avril 30, 2015 for the first semester or the full academic year
  • and Octobre 15, 2015 for the second semester (see contact information below).


This nomination must be duly completed with your lastname, firstname, date of birth, your e-mail address and the level of studies (bachelor/master) for which you want to apply.

For internships, trainee candidates have to apply first in a laboratory (or Department) of our university and get an acceptance letter from the laboratory's contact person to fill up the on-line application form as a visiting student (see below).

You have to provide

Both EU and non-EU students have to provide the following documents for an academic stay (courses) or an intership.

Academic documents
  • The on-line application form, duly signed by you and your academic coordinator at your home university. Please fill out the form, click on "validate" and save the pdf document. You can then print the saved copy, sign it and have your coordinator sign as well.
  • A learning agreement including the list of courses that you want to follow at the University of Namur, including their code and number of credits ; this has to be signed by you and your home university's coordinator. If you want to do an internship, you have to complete the ERASMUS training agreement (ask to your coordinator for this document).
    • If you are not participating in an ERASMUS internship programme , please complete our example of training agreement.
  • A transcript of records of your previous study results (a simple copy is accepted).
  • Non-native French speaking students need to provide a certificate proving their level of French (at least B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CECR) if their learning agreement contains one or more courses taught in French.
Administrative documents
  • A copy of your national ID European card or, if unavailable your passport.
  • A registration certificate from your university of origin for the academic year 2014-2015.
  • Health Insurance : for EU students, a copy of the European Health Insurance Card.
  • Other Insurances : both EU and non-EU students must also prove that their insurance covers a hospitalisation and repatriation expenses.


All documents which effectively constitute your request of admission to the University of Namur, have to be sent by regular mail or electronically (as a signed and scanned document) to

Henrich Brunke – Coordinateur Institutionnel
Université de Namur – Service mobilité internationale
rue de Bruxelles, 83
B- 5000 – Namur

  • Prior to May 15, 2015 for the first semester or the full academic year
  • Prior to November 15, 2015 for the second semester.


AttentionAny non-completed application will be refused and the student will be contacted personnally.

Students who needs a visa are asked to refer as soon as possible to the following website :