New accreditations for UNamur

The administrative council of ARES, which oversees higher education in Belgium, has approved all accreditation requests made by UNamur, namely for a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences, a Masters in Molecular Microbiology, a Bachelors in Modern and Ancient Languages and a Specialised Masters in Cinematographic Culture and Thinking.

Masters in Molecular Microbiology

This unique research-based Masters (120 credits), an international joint degree, unites the expertise of three European laboratories well-known in this specialism – UNamur, the University of Marburg and the University of Aix-Marseille.  Its objective is to encourage professional research into micro-organisms, an area of increasing importance in the fields of health, the environment and nutrition.

Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences

This Masters (120 credits) is offered as a joint degree with UCLouvain, a long-standing partner of our health and life sciences research teams.  It adds to the range of post-graduate courses offered by the Faculty of Medicine in a field in which the university is witnessing growing demand from students, companies and the public, due to the unique skills of our teams at NARILIS (the Namur Research Institute for Life Sciences) and NAMEDIC (the Namur Medicine and Drug Innovation Centre).


Bachelors in Modern and Ancient Languages

This Bachelors (180 credits) is centred on a combined study of Latin and French, with a significant element of Ancient History and Culture.  It brings together the skills of our Classics and Romance Language departments, anticipating the introduction of important links between the teaching of French and Latin as established by the recent ‘Excellence Pact’ for education in Belgium.


Specialised Masters in Cinematographic Culture and Thinking

This Specialised Masters (60 credits), offered in conjunction with the University of Saint Louis, combines several fields: History, History of Art, Philosophy, and Language and Literature.  Several departments from our Faculty of Philosophy and Literature have thus come together around one theme – the cinema, a field in which the research of our various teams is renowned.  This Specialised Masters represents the launch of a process of development in post-graduate studies within the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature.



The latter three programmes are planned for the 2019-2020 academic year, whereas the Masters in Pharmacy will begin in 2020-2021.

Our University is also associated, in its capacity as partner, with two new accreditations requested by ULB (lead university) for the following Specialised Masters:


-      Specialised Masters in Children’s Rights

-      Specialised Masters in Philosophy and Political Theories.

All these new programmes will be implemented as soon as they have been approved by the Government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.