Doing sport is good for your health…but it should be fun! So find something that you enjoy. There is a wide variety of sporting activities on offer at Namur - recreational or competitive sports, individual or team sports, inside or outside – giving everyone the chance to do their favourite sport or to try new ones.

The sports service

UNamur’s Sports Service offers a large number of organised sporting activities and several teams take part in interuniversity championships.

L'assemblée générale des étudiants (AGE) - Students' Union

Throughout the year, the Students' Union organises various tournaments (e.g. 5-a-side football, volleyball, etc.), as well as other fun and original activities, such as the university festival.

Sports facilities

The University of Namur’s multipurpose sports centre houses a large sports hall (for 5-a-side football, basketball, volleyball, etc.), a martial arts room and a power-training room.  The hall is also available to the sports representatives of each faculty for their faculty’s activities.

There are also a large number of sports facilities in town (swimming pools and sports halls) and Namur’s geographical location lends itself to various other sports such as rowing, climbing, etc.

Finally, combining sport and mobility, Namur is situated at the crossroads of two of the main RAVEL cycle paths (1 and 2).