Finding a place to live is the first order of business for anyone coming from far away. But, first of all a little local vocabulary is needed. In Belgium, a furnished room for a student is called a "kot". With that in mind, here some ideas to help you.


University Residences

The university has more than 500 residence units available for students: residences for women and for men, community/group houses and project ‘kots’ (several private student rooms with common areas and facilities, where students live and work together in one residence on a common project).

The housing service can provide you with all the information you need. You can book accommodation via the 'service des logements' web site.

Accommodation in the city centre

The private housing rental market is very well-developed in the city and there are many ways to find housing adapted to your needs. Four good places to start are:

The university housing service

Between 1 June and 30 September, the university housing service provides an online database to help you find your 'kot' in the city.


A website which, as its name indicates, is especially dedicated to 'kots' in Namur.

Infor Jeunes – Namur (information for young people)

Infor Jeunes – Namur also offers an online 'kots' service from 1 June.

Intergenerational housing

Shared housing with a senior citizen, a mutually beneficial experience for all: www.1toit2ages.be


If you go abroad for part of the year: housinganywhere.com

Short term stays

If you need a place to stay for a few days (before you have access to your ‘kot’ or during preparatory courses for example), there are the following possibilities in Namur:

  • a youth hostel: ave. Félicien Rops, 8, Namur - Tel.: +32 81 22 36 88;
  • a a camp site: Camping Les Trieux - Les Trîs 99, Malonne - Tel.: + 32 81 44 55 83;
  • many guest houses, bed and breakfasts and hotels. www.namurtourisme.be/en