A city full of art and history, Namur is a treasure trove of culture, from archaeological and historical sites, museums and exhibitions to theatres, cinemas and festivals, and the university is no small part of this…

The University's culture service

The culture service offers students (and others) a wide range of activities throughout the academic year:

  • music: the ‘La Vaubane’ choir (what else would you expect in the world capital of choral singing?) and the ‘La Concorde’ symphony orchestra;
  • introductory lessons in various aspects of art: art movements, Egyptology, analogue and digital photography;
  • language lessons: English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, etc.
  • sophrology;
  • the socio-cultural programme presented by the university’s cultural centre  ‘Quai22’ (theatre, shows, concerts, conferences, TEDx talks, debates, films, etc.).

The cultural service can also help you to organise cultural events or provide rooms (Le Nom de la Rose, le Quai22).

Student culture

There are also plenty of student offerings to the cultural scene both at the university and in Namur.  A wide range of different activities are organised by the ‘kots à projet’ (living accommodation which groups together students with a common interest or project).  There is also a student-run university radio (RUN : 88.1).


Concert étudiant

And in the city…



Théâtre Royal de Namur
Maison de la culture de Namur

Libraries and Media Library

  • The libraries: in addition to the university’s three libraries, there are several others around the city which are open to the public.
  • Media Library : Maison de la culture – 14 Avenue Golenvaux, Namur.

Musée archélologiqueMuseums

Namur has no fewer than ten museums. Félicien Rops is the best-known of these, but there is also the archaeological museum, housed in one of the city’s most beautiful buildings, and the strawberry museum in Wépion.


Celebrations and festivals

  • 'Fêtes de Wallonie' (the Wallonia Festival): The capital of Wallonia celebrates its region in mid-September.  This festival is a good opportunity to experience local Namur folk traditions (the ‘Echasseurs’ battles on stilts, and the music of the Molons and their ‘bia bouquet’, etc.), as well as various Belgian and visiting artists.
  • The FIFF (International Francophone Film Festival) : this ‘Cannes-on-the-Meuse’ takes place in Namur during the first week of October.
  • Namur in May : during this aptly-named festival, Namur vibrates to the rhythms of street artists and buskers.
  • Verdur Rock : held at the end of June to celebrate the end of the exams, this is one of Belgium’s leading festivals.

These are the most popular events, but there are also many others held in Namur (the Nature Film Festival, the Bouge bonfire, etc.).