Doctoral orientations commissions

"Article 4 - §1. Within UNamur, the academic authorities as referred to article 115 and, for the third cycle of studies, to articles 117 and 119 of the decree, are:

1° The Doctoral Commission of “Human and Social Sciences”, qualified in the fields of studies 1 to 10 cited in article 83, §1st of the decree;

2° The Doctoral Commission of “Health, Sciences and Technology” in the fields of studies 11 to 21 cited in article 83, §1st of the decree." (Article 4 of the Doctoral regulations of the University of Namur)


Doctoral orientation commission
"Human and Social Sciences”
Doctoral orientation commission
"Health, Sciences and Technology”
Mrs Anna Constantinidis Mr Johan Wouters
Mr Jean-Yves GNABO, Secretary Mr Laurent Houssiau
Mr Hervé Jacquemin Mr Jean-Marie Jacquet
Mrs Laura Rizzerio, President Mr Michel Jadot
Mrs Annabelle Klein Mr Pierre-Yves Schobbens, President
Mr Axel Tixhon Mrs Anne-Catherine Wéra, Secretary


Last update : 15 November 2017

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