Namur is a treasure trove of culture history and art. Archaeological and historical sites, theatre, cinemas, museums, festivals, expositions, Namur abounds in cultural possibilities. And the university is not left behind in the cultural landscape…

The cultural service of the university

The cultural service offers students (and others) many activities during the whole academic year:Théâtre Universitaire de Namur

  • music: a choral society (La Vaubane), what else would you expect in the world capital of choral singing, and a symphony orchestra (La Concorde);
  • theatre: Théâtre Universitaire de Namur (TUN);
  • initiation in the arts: workshops of visual arts (Creatout), silver photography, digital photography;
  • language courses: English, Arabic, Esperanto, Spanish, sign language, Japanese, Dutch, Russian…
  • and also: keyboard skills, sophrology, board games library, graphic novels and comic library…

The service can also help you to organize cultural events or provide rooms

Cultural activities by the students

Students also do their share for the cultural activities proposed on the campus and in Namur. Different project kots set up various and varied activities. They also operate the campus radio. (RUN: 88.1).


Festi'fac Concert étudiant Le théâtre

And in the city…



  • Eldorado : Rue de Fer, 40 à Namur — 081 22 04 44
  • Le Caméo 2 :  Rue des Carmes, 49 à Namur — 081 22 26 19
  • L'Acinapolis : Rue de la Gare fleurie, 16 à Jambes — 081 32 04 40
  • Le cinéclub : Maison de la Culture - Avenue Golenvaux, 14 à Namur — 081 77 55 63


Théâtre Royal de Namur
Maison de la culture de Namur

Libraries and the media library

  • The libraries : in addition to the three libraries of the university, several others are open to the public in various areas of the city. .
  • La médiathèque (cds, dvds...): Maison de la culture - Avenue Golenvaux, 14 à Namur — 081/22 55 66


Musée archélologiqueMuseum

Félicien Rops  of course, but also the Archaeological Museum, located in one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, or the Strawberry Museum in Wépion. Namur has no less than ten museums.

Celebrations and festivals

  • "Fêtes de Wallonie" : the Walloon capital of course really celebrates the region in mid-September. The "Fêtes de Wallonie" are the occasion to discover Namur's folk traditions (the Stilt Combats "Echasseurs", the "Molons" and the "bia bouquet") and many Belgian or visiting artists.
  • The FIFF (International Festival of French-speaking Film): the first week of October in Namur, it’s Cannes-on-the-Meuse.
  • Namur en Mai : in May obviously, Namur vibrates to the rhythm of street arts and buskers.
  • Verdur Rock : at the end of June to celebrate the end of exams is one of the headlights of the Belgium festival season.

Here we note only the most popular, because life in Namur pulses with many other celebrations  (the short film festival, the nature film festival, the bonfire of Bourge to end of the winter ...)

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