Affordable and clean energy

Report | United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #7

Affordable and clean energyResearch

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Social impact and actions

Corporate initiatives

The mission of UNamur's Campus Management and Infrastructure Service (SIGeC) is based on several energy-related activities:

  • the sound management of energy consumption
  • building construction, renovation and maintenance

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UNamur launched an internal campaign in December 2022 to raise awareness throughout the community as winter was approaching. The aim? Together, we we can adopt good practices that, when added up across our institution, will have a major impact on our heating, electricity and water consumption.

Purchasing consumables for labs, departments and administrations

The General Commissary (Economat) is committed to offer a range of products that are more environmentally friendly, or even sustainable. Ecological alternatives are offered mainly for four groups of consumables:

  • Office supplies
  • Catering
  • Paper
    • Reducing paper consumption: setting printers to double-sided by default, phasing out individual printers, printing 2 pages per sheet, sending documents by email rather than internal mail, using scrap paper
    • The use of FSC-certified paper
    • The recycling through selective sorting
    • Presses Universitaires Namuroises (PUN) works with printers which use FSC paper.
  • Maintenance products

Construction, renovation and maintenance of buildings

When working on projects, SIGeC is careful to seize opportunities to apply sustainable development to the construction and maintenance of buildings:

  • designing a building in line with sustainable development at the time of construction by recommending optimal use of modular spaces
  • properly insulating the walls of relatively traditional buildings

A first example: installation of solar panels at the Haugimont Domaine.

Another example: the renovation of the BUMP (the University library), which will be fitted with photovoltaic panels and will reduce energy consumption by 50%.

Carbon footprint

The UNamur has taken the necessary steps to get a carbon footprint, which should be published in 2024.

Collaborations and partnerships

Conseil Agroalimentaire durable namurois (CADNamurois)

To help define and implement a more environmentally sustainable and socially fair agri-food policy, the City of Namur has set up its Sustainable Agri-Food Council (CADNamurois). The aim of this assembly is to provide a forum for dialogue, reflection and proposals on everything to do with food and agriculture. It brings together key players in the sector, and can also welcome citizens interested in the subject via working groups that will be set up. The University of Namur is part of it. 

More information on the City of Namur website (in French) here…

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