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Report | United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #4

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Social impact and actions

Corporate initiatives

The UNamur, a Jesuit university

The University of Namur was founded in 1831 by the Society of Jesus. The Jesuit values and educational tradition still guide the University today.  More information (in French) here...

Sustainable development at the heart of education

Many initiatives exist within UNamur in the field of education for sustainable development, in fields as varied as economics, law, computer science, physical, chemical and biological sciences, medical and biomedical sciences, geography, philosophy, history, continuing education for teachers, language teaching, North-South cooperation.  Read more about sustainable education here...

The Faculty of Education and Training Sciences (FaSEF)

In 2023, UNamur will have a 7th faculty: the Faculty of Education and Training Sciences (FaSEF). Designed to host teacher training programmes as part of the reform of initial teacher training, the FaSEF brings together researchers and educationalists to promote teacher training and support, as well as research in the educational sciences. Find out more (in French) here...

The Salle des Pros

The Confluent des Savoirs (CDS)


CaNDLE 2021 project - Better training for students in transition and responsible management issues

This project focuses on the Master's programme in management sciences, which trains tomorrow's managers and entrepreneurs. Carried out in collaboration with UCLouvain, it will analyse students' social representations of sustainable development, transition and corporate social responsibility, as well as the way in which these concepts are integrated by professors into their courses. More information here…


The Moretus Plantin University Library (BUMP)

The Moretus Plantin University Library offers virtual exhibitions: Christophe Plantin, a man of character(s), From the city to the stars, The centenary of the "Bibliothèque Moretus", When medicine meets its heritage. Find out more (in French) here...

The common thread running through the Faculty of Law

This is a first in terms of pedagogical approach: getting all the students and lecturers at the Faculty of Law, across all blocks and programmes, to work on the same theme for one academic year. From courses to practical work, conferences, cultural events and civic engagement, many of the activities offered by the Faculty of Law focus on a single theme. In 2022-2023, the theme was "Education and migration".

Collaborations and partnerships


The ILI Project: Migrants trained in French at the University of Namur

Since 2015, the University of Namur, in partnership with the Hénallux teaching department, has launched a number of initiatives to help migrants. They are part of a Local Integration Initiative (LII) project recognised by the Walloon Region. As well as organising intercultural activities, a French language course is offered for levels B1, B2 and C1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). This year, around 15 students took part. Here's a look back at this rewarding experience, in the service of a more inclusive society. Find out more...



Research institutes

The Institute for Research in Didactics and Education (IRDENa)

Namur Digital Institute (NaDI)  - Digital education