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Report | United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #3

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Social impact and actions

Corporate initiatives

UNamur Student Harassment Protection (PHARE)


PHARE is part of a global plan to fight moral, physical or sexual harassment and to fight aggression and violence against UNamur students and doctoral students.
It has three main components: training, awareness-raising and remediation.
PHARE's priority is to act effectively on the remediation aspect, by offering optimal support to victims and witnesses.  More information (in French) here...

The UNamur Medical and Psychological Centre

The Medical and Psychological Centre organises health promotion activities for students. It provides free psychological consultations, help with stress management, a medical consultation, 'health and well-being' initiatives, support for students with special needs, meditation workshops, 'methodo' lunches for EBS students, etc. More information (in French) here...

A miniguide to well-being for students

Take care of yourself to better take care of others. This is one of the aims of the practical course on student well-being followed by BAC 2 students in medicine. This practical course teaches you how to take care of your physical, mental and social well-being.

Sports policy

Sport is certainly a form of relaxation, but to be effective it must take place in a rigorous context. It must encourage spontaneity, physical development, and mental and physical balance.  Read the brochure "Sports policy at the University of Namur - United by sport, guided by excellence" online (in French).

Within its third mission, the Faculty of Medicine works together with different institutions: 

  • Development Cooperation : CUD projects with Africa and Asia (education, research, PhD);
  • Disability and poverty exclusion ((Conseil Consultatif Wallon des Personnes Handicapées, Conseil Supérieur Promotion Santé, SATIH);
  • Taking part in ethics committees of health institutions;
  • Working together with local health institutions (Cliniques Universitaires de Mont-GodinneInstitut de Pathologie et de Génétique de Gosselies)
  • Giving medical advice to the European Medecine Agency (EMA).
Research institutes

Institute of Life, Earth and Environment (ILEE)

Namur Digital Institute (NaDI)

Namur Research Institute for Life Sciences (NARILIS)

Spin-off QUALIblood