Zero Hunger

Report | United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #2

Zero hungerResearch

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  • Master's degree in Smart Rurality: With Smart Rurality, you will learn how to organise changing rural areas, in collaboration with a multitude of stakeholders, to promote the well-being of citizens and economic, social and environmental sustainability.
  • Additional training in Sustainable Development: 75 hours to help you understand the challenges of sustainable development and integrate them into your professional environment.

Social impact and actions

Corporate initiatives

Green deal – Sustainable food

UNamur is committed to the 6 principles of the Green Deal:

  • Local and seasonal products,
  • Products that respect the environment and animals
  • Fair trade products
  • Healthy, balanced and tasty meals
  • Reducing food waste and waste
  • Social inclusion

Find out more about sustainable food here...

The Arsenal – The university restaurant

Students benefit from a special rate for the hot dish of the day (€3.5) served at the university restaurant l'Arsenal.  More info (in French) here...

The "Solidarithèque" - solidarity grocery shop

The Co-Kot

The Haugimont Marauding

The Carmel beehives

Four beehives have been installed with the dual aim of contributing to local biodiversity and providing a new educational tool for university students.