Partnerships for the goals

Report | United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #17

Partners for the goals










International partnerships



European University Association (EUA)

The Kircher network

Institutional services, related entities and activities

The International Relations Department: projects, partnerships and networks

The Philippines studies project

The University of Namur has been chosen by the Philippine government, along with seven other universities around the world, to promote the various facets of Philippine studies in Belgium and Europe. This programme highlights the collaborations that researchers at the University of Namur have developed with several Filipino universities and researchers. It also contributes to the promotion of Philippine studies at an international level. It includes several themes and activities that will run until June 2023, and is also an opportunity to explore new avenues of collaboration at the academic, cultural and political levels. To find out more...

Academic cooperation

Academic cooperation between Rwanda and Belgium is celebrating 20 years of collaboration and mutual commitment between the universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the University of Rwanda.  With the support of the Académie de recherche et d'enseignement supérieur (ARES) and in partnership with the Belgian Development Cooperation, the architects of this cooperation have patiently and tenaciously forged strong links. Find out more here.


The University of Namur has established institutional and faculty agreements with foreign partners.  It is also a member of several international associations.  Find out more here...

The networks

        Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)

        European University Association (EUA)

        Federation of European Catholic Universities (FUCE)

        International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU)

        International Association of Jesuit Business Schools (IAJBS)

        UNESCO PEACE Programme (Palestinian European American Cooperation in Education)

        OECD Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE)

University Community Life Service (Vécu)

Vécu's mission is to inform and welcome students with the aim of helping them to integrate themselves in the university community and blossom during their stay at the university. In the current context, one of UNamur's priorities is to enable students and staff to get involved in civic and community action.  For more information (in French) here...

Heart of the forest - UbiCast project

For the past two years, UbiCast, the supplier of the in-auditorium recording solution used at the University of Namur has replaced its end-of-year 'goodies' with participation in reforestation projects.  This year, the University of Namur is sponsoring 22 trees located on a project plot in Bolivia.  Find out more about the project (in French) here…

The Students' General Assembly (AGE)

The University Forum for International Cooperation and Development (FUCID)

National, regional and provincial partnerships

Sustainable education

UNamur has numerous initiatives in the area of education for sustainable development, in fields as varied as economics, law, computer science, physical, chemical and biological sciences, medical and biomedical sciences, geography, philosophy, history, continuing teacher education, language teaching, North-South cooperation, etc.  Find out more here...

Team mentorship - The career of future PhD graduates

Specifically dedicated to future PhD graduates, Team Mentorship is an inter-university programme designed to support junior researchers (First Stage Researcher (R1) in all areas of scientific research in developing and fine-tuning their career plans, whether in the university scientific environment  (academic) or outside it, in the private, public and voluntary sectors.  Find out more here…

Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB) representations

The University of Namur, like the 5 other universities in the FWB, is represented on various ARES committees:

  • CAR | Commission d'aide à la réussite
  • CCD | Commission for Development Cooperation
  • CDD | Sustainable Development Commission
  • CESI | Commission for Inclusive Higher Education
  • COFOC | Commission for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning
  • COM | Student and Staff Mobility Commission
  • COVEDAS | Student Life, Democratisation and Social Affairs Commission
  • CRI | International Relations Commission

UNamur, like the 5 other universities of the FWB, is involved in various gender committees and networks:

  • Gender contact persons
  • Women and Science Committee
  • CoGES | ARES Commission on Gender in Higher Education
  • GAS | Gender, Activity and Health Group
  • Sophia Network | Belgian Gender Studies Network

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Wallonia (CESE)

The UNamur is represented in different Poles of the CESE, just like the 5 other universities of the FWB.

The Science Policy Unit

The Science Policy Unit is a consultative body in charge of issuing opinions on science, research and innovation policy at the request of the Walloon Government or on its own initiative. It deals with files concerning science policy, research and innovation in the Walloon Region, at the initiative of the Walloon Government.  More information (in French) here...

The Housing Unit

The Housing Unit is a consultative body in charge of giving opinions, making observations, suggestions, proposals or recommendations on housing matters at the request of the Walloon Government or on its own initiative.  More information (in French) here...

The Scité Network

Le Confluent des Savoirs (CDS) is the University of Namur centre for scientific culture and the dissemination. Providing accessible knowledge, inviting scientists to bridge the gap between their research and the general public, means creating or restoring a dialogue between science and society and addressing current issues and challenges. The CDS is one of the players in the Réseau Scité: the inter-university network linking the five science dissemination units of the FWB's universities.  Find out more about CDS (in French) here...


Local partnerships

Namur Europe Wallonie (NEW)

Get Up Wallonia !

City of Namur – CADNamurois

The Green Deal

With the Green Deal and the collaboration with Happy Hour Market, UNamur is committed to making campus food sustainable and local. To find out more...UNamur's project kots Biokot (biodiversity), Kotélocal (short circuits) and CoKot (solidarity meals) are working with the Ceinture Alimentaire Namuroise, Happy Hour Market and Paysans-Artisans on the same issue.

Reinette & Co

UNamur has a large fruit-growing estate on the Haugimont Estate. This heritage, which will soon be a hundred years old, is a marvellous example of how Man, Animal and Plant have been working together for decades. This orchard-grazed ecosystem is an ancient agro-ecological model that meets many of the environmental, social and climatic challenges of the future. As such, it must be preserved, redeveloped, promoted and used as a laboratory for life, production and awareness-raising. A partnership with Reinette & Co has been set up to achieve these objectives. Find out more (in French) here... Awareness-raising activities

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