Peace, justice and strong institutions

Report | United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #16

Peace, justice and strong institutionsResearch

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These ERC Starting Grants for Jérémy Dodeigne's POLYSTYLE project and Vincent Jacquet's CITIZEN_IMPACT project will enable the emergence and development of a genuine centre of excellence in Political Science within the Transitions Institute at UNamur. More info...


  • Further training in Sustainable Development | Partnership with HEPN
  • Interuniversity Certificate in Participatory Democracy
  • The certificates and training courses of the Centre "Vulnerabilities and Societies" :
  • The inter-university certificate in urban security policy management, in collaboration with UCL and ULg, unique in the French Community;
  • The inter-university certificate in legal expertise, in collaboration with UCL and USL-B;
  • The inter-high schools and universities certificate in the accompaniment of great precariousness ; partnership with the Hénallux, the UCL, the HEPN and Form@Nam
  • The inter-university certificate in children's rights
  • Master of specialisation in human rights | Partnership with USL-B
  • The Master of specialisation in interdisciplinary approach to children's rights, co-organised by UNamur, UCLouvain, ULB, ULiège and USL-B;
  • The certificate in multidisciplinary approach to child abuse, co-organised by UNamur, UCLouvain, ULB, ULiège and UMons;
  • The certificate in school and social support, in collaboration with ITN and Forn@Nam.
  • Some optional courses at the Faculty of Law (law, gender and society, special issues of well-being at work, anti-discrimination, special issues of public law, etc.).

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The Namur Legal Lab

As part of its Advanced Master's degree in Information and Communication Technology Law (Master DTIC), the Faculty of Law at the University of Namur has set up a new teaching project called "Namur Legal Lab".


  • To create a meeting point between students and young entrepreneurs.
  • Make students aware of the economic realities and demands of the professional world.
  • To enable start-ups to structure themselves better.
  • Provide a free service for dealing with legal issues.

Find out more about the Namur Legal Lab (in French) here...  

Social impact and actions

Corporate initiatives

Founding texts and charters

Reports and other work documents

  • Integration of environmental clauses in our public contracts
  • Financial reporting
  • Training for decision-makers

Calls for projects under the Univers 2025 strategic plan

UNamur CaNDLE projects

The General Assembly of Students (AGE)

Collaborations and partnerships

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Wallonia (CESE)

The UNamur is represented in different Poles of the CESE, just like the 5 other universities of the FWB.

The Science Policy Unit

The Science Policy Unit is a consultative body in charge of issuing opinions on science, research and innovation policy at the request of the Walloon Government or on its own initiative.  It deals with files concerning science policy, research and innovation in the Walloon Region, at the initiative of the Walloon Government.  More information (in French) here...

The Housing Unit
The Housin Unit is a consultative body in charge of giving opinions, making observations, suggestions, proposals or recommendations on housing matters at the request of the Walloon Government or on its own initiative.  More information (in French) here...

Namur Innovative City Lab - SmartCity

The University of Namur is joining forces with the City of Namur and the Province's Economic Office (BEP) to create, along with other partners, the "Namur Innovative City Lab". This portfolio of 11 projects aims to position the Walloon capital as an "intelligent city" and is part of the ERDF 2014-2020 call for projects.   In addition to its participation in the "Namur Innovative City Lab" projects, the University of Namur is helping to make Namur an "Intelligent City", thanks to its research centres, training courses and services in the fields of ICT and Innovation.

Find out more about the Namur Innovative City Lab (in French) here...

Get up Wallonia!

Namur Europe Wallonie (NEW)

The “Namur demain” Festival

The University takes part in this event organized by the city of Namur.  The purpose is to raise awareness, prepare and accelerate our answer to a world in complete change. To do so, more than 60 free activities will be organized on ecological, social and green transition.  Information about the 2022 and 2023 editions (in French).

Fair trade cities

The University of Namur takes part in the week of fair trade.  The city of Namur has been granted the title of "Fair Trade City" and has therefore organized a fair trade week in which the UNamur has taken part. The university restaurant has adapted its menu for the occasion. More info (in French) here...

Research institutes and centers

Development Finance & Public Policies (DeFiPP)


Espace philosophique de Namur (ESPHIN)

Namur Digital Institute (NaDI)


Vulnerabilty and societies research center


  • The e-Government chair - The e-government chair was created to offer, mainly to the public sector, an independant expertise regarding the digital governance.  The Chair provides a scientific and technical watch on the different topics of digital governance and offers consulting and training services as well as scientific research. 
Awareness-raising activities

How can we build lasting peace? Some ideas for reflection and action

Three conferences (in French), inspired by the thought and experience of a diplomat and philosopher, aim to ask the following question: could a long-term peace make its way in our history? 

Each conference will address the question on how to create a long-term peace in a context of international conflicts. There will be a debate and round table afterwards. 16-23-30 March 2022.