Peace, justice and strong institutions

Report | United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #16

Peace, justice and strong institutionsResearch

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  • Further training in Sustainable Development | Partnership with HEPN
  • Interuniversity Certificate in Participatory Democracy
  • The certificates and training courses of the Centre "Vulnerabilities and Societies" :
  • The inter-university certificate in urban security policy management, in collaboration with UCL and ULg, unique in the French Community;
  • The inter-university certificate in legal expertise, in collaboration with UCL and USL-B;
  • The inter-high schools and universities certificate in the accompaniment of great precariousness ; partnership with the Hénallux, the UCL, the HEPN and Form@Nam
  • The inter-university certificate in children's rights
  • Master of specialisation in human rights | Partnership with USL-B
  • The Master of specialisation in interdisciplinary approach to children's rights, co-organised by UNamur, UCLouvain, ULB, ULiège and USL-B;
  • The certificate in multidisciplinary approach to child abuse, co-organised by UNamur, UCLouvain, ULB, ULiège and UMons;
  • The certificate in school and social support, in collaboration with ITN and Forn@Nam.
  • Some optional courses at the Faculty of Law (law, gender and society, special issues of well-being at work, anti-discrimination, special issues of public law, etc.).

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