Sustainable cities and communities

Report | United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #11

Sustainable cities and communitiesResearch

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Social impact and actions

Corporate initiatives

Sustainable mobility

This is a key concern for UNamur. Several initiatives related to mobility have been taken by our institution.

  • The Corporate Mobility Plan (CMP) is the first milestone on the road to more sustainable mobility. 
  • Bike parking for students and staff. 
  • At the BUMP, in October 2023, a parking and charging point for electric scooters will be installed in the entrance hall. All you have to do is install your scooter, which will be secured using a code. A locker is also available for your helmet. This facility is currently being tested. The aim? To identify the expectations of members of the university community in this area.
  • Free public transport season tickets for UNamur staff members.

Energy efficiency

Reducing gas, electricity and heating oil consumption in all the institution's buildings through various measures. To find out more...

Carbon footprint

UNamur has embarked on a carbon audit which will be published in 2024. This assessment will help to identify courses of action to make the university even more sustainable. Find out more about the sustainable campus...

Building construction, renovation and maintenance

When working on projects, SIGeC is careful to seize opportunities to apply sustainable development to the construction and maintenance of buildings:

  • designing a building in line with sustainable development at the time of construction by recommending optimal use of modular spaces
  • properly insulating the walls of relatively traditional buildings

A first example: installation of solar panels at the Haugimont Estate lodging.

Another concrete example: the renovation of the BUMP, which will have photovoltaic panels and whose energy consumption will be reduced by 50%.

The Haugimont Estate

Situated in the heart of the Condruzian countryside, the Haugimont Estate lies in the commune of Gesves, 18 km south-east of Namur. Since 1978, it has been an exceptional teaching and research centre for students and scientists from the University of Namur. It is also open to the public and to schools for training, discovery and leisure activities. Several projects are worth noting:

  • "Pro Silva" forest management: the University of Namur received the 2016 Environment Prize from the Fonds Baillet Latour. The prize was awarded for the Pro Silva forest management of the Domaine of Haugimont. 
  • Approved nature reserve project

Find out more on our sustainable campus here...

The Moretus Plantin University Library (BUMP)

Virtual exhibitions, manuscript reserves, maps, incunabula, podcasts... The BUMP offers a wide range of free virtual resources. Find out more (in French) here…

The BUMP also offers in-person exhibitions. For example, La Gloire des "Wallons" (The Glory of the "Walloons"), which tells the story of the Belgians who joined the Austrian troops in the 18th century. The exhibition is based on the library's heritage collections, enhanced by period objects and documents on loan from the Royal Army Museum, the State Archives and Ghent University.

The Bio-kot

Research institute

Namur Digital Institute (NaDI)

Collaborations and partnerships

The Namur Innovative City Lab and TRAK[K]