Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is a key concern for UNamur. Several initiatives relating to mobility have been taken.

The Corporate Mobility Plan (CMP)

Aiming for a sustainable campus in both form and substance! This is the will of UNamur through its UNIVERS 2025 strategic plan. The MP is the first milestone on the road to more sustainable mobility. It is a vast project which concerns us all and which requires your collaboration to ensure its success!

A mobility study had already been carried out internally in 2017 and had led to an ambitious action plan. Five years later, UNamur is now calling on Traject, a specialised consultancy firm, whose mission is not only to propose new actions based on an in-depth study of our mobility, the context of our institution and the new environmental challenges, but also to support us in their implementation.  More about the CMP...

Research on mobility

The UNamur Transport Research Group has been contributing to the search for sustainable solutions to mobility problems for some thirty years.  More info (in French) here...

Encouraging sustainable mobility

The UNamur promotes the use of sustainable modes of transport by

  • Providing visitors and staff members with accurate and useful information on how to access the campus by different means of transport.  Read more...
  • Providing financial support for staff members commuting costs.
  • Fully refunding train season tickets.
  • Fully refunding TEC (bus) season tickets.
  • Paying an allowance for the use of a bicycle to get to work.
  • Refunding business trips made by bicycle.
  • Providing bicycle facilities (closed bicycle room, showers, etc.).
  • Participating as a pilot entity in the "Tous vélo actifs" action, which aims to encourage the use of bicycles for home-work trips. UNamur was awarded a label of 3 stars out of 5.
  • Providing information on each mode of transport (bicycle, bus, train, car, etc.) in order to raise awareness and inform campus users about mobility issues and alternatives to the car in the city.

For more information, please go to the pages (in French) here...
There is a page dedicated to each means of transport.