Sustainable food

The UNamur university restaurant part of the green deal

UNamur engages the Arsenal in the Green Deal - Sustainable Canteen project. The signature of the Green Deal includes 7 commitments:

  • Local and seasonal products,
  • Environmentally friendly and animal friendly products
  • Fair-trade products
  • Healthy, balanced and tasty meals
  • Reduction of food waste and waste
  • Social inclusion

Participatory vegetable garden

A participatory vegetable garden installed in the courtyard of the Geography and Geology Departments was also created as part of the 2015 CanDLE call for projects.  More about the project (in French) here...

Partnership with Happy Hours Market

Buy fresh produce at a reduced price on campus - A great initiative against food waste and food insecurity on campus.
Happy Hours Market is a young start-up that has developed a new form of distribution network to prevent unsold products from supermarkets from ending up in the bin and thus reduce waste by selling these consumer products.
Products that are past their sell-by date are collected from retailers. A part is sold at half price to private individuals via the web platform and the app, the other part (minimum 50%) is delivered every day and free of charge to non-profit organisations.
The mission of this initiative is to reduce food waste and provide access to healthy and varied food at low prices.
Download the Happy Hours Market app on the website, order, pay and pick up your order directly from the nearest collection point. For the moment, this is a refrigerated lorry parked 800m from the campus at n°42 rue de Gembloux in Saint-Servais (Opel Declerc garage car park) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7.30pm to 9pm.
Since the operation was launched, Happy Hours Market has managed to save nearly 6 tonnes of consumable foodstuffs that were about to be thrown away. Around 18,000 products, of which almost 10,000 have been donated to the Association Une Main Tendue. This represents not far from 3,500 meals. The rest of course ended up in the customers' baskets at 50% of the price in the shop.

Partnership with Reinette & Co at the Haugimont estate

UNamur has an important fruit heritage on the Domaine d'Haugimont. This heritage, which will soon be a hundred years old, is a wonderful example of the association between Man, Animal and Plant for decades. This grazed orchard ecosystem is an ancient agro-ecological model that responds to many future environmental, societal and climatic challenges. As such, it must be preserved, redeveloped, enhanced and used as a laboratory for life, production and awareness. A partnership has been set up to achieve these objectives.  Read more (in French) here...

Annual Marauding at the old orchard of the Haugimont estate

Every year, UNamur proposes an event at the old orchard of the Haugimont domain.  Numerous activities are proposed throughout the day: marauding with free marauding bags, explanations on the management of the organic orchard, animations for children, information stands, guided and commented walks... Read more (in French) here...