Prof Jean-Michel VandeweerdDMV, MSc, PhD, Cert ES, Dipl ECVS is the leader of the project. He is specialized in orthopaedic medicine and surgery. He is also professor in animal anatomy and evidence based medicine at the University of Namur.

Prof Jean-François Nisolle, DES is a specialist in human radiology, computed tomography and magnetic resonnance imaging.  He teaches at the University Hospital Mont-Godinne (UCL). He is involved in all imaging aspects of the project, with a special interest in the functionnal imaging of intervertebral discs.

Dr Fanny Hontoir  is a veterinary surgeon.  She  is assistant in animal anatomy at the University of Namur. Her research interests focus the development of new ovine models and  the functionnal imaging of the articular cartilage.

Professor Benoît MuylkensDMV, PhD is professor of splanchnology, embryology and molecular  biology. He is a specialist in micro RNAs. His is mostly interested by the biomolecular aspect of the OASIS project.

Professor Nathalie Kirschvink is professor of physiology and director of the veterinary department at the University of Namur. She is also the director of the Centre de Recherches Ovines.

Professor Claire Diederich  is professor of animal ethology at UNamur. She is involved in animal models well being.

Professor Peter Clegg, DVM, PhD, Cert EO, Dipl ECVS collaborates with OASIS. He is a world recognized specialist in musculoskeletal diseases.

Dr Simon Tew, PhD is a specialist in the biology of cartilage.

Professor Pascal Gustin, DMV, PhD, Dipl ECPhT, is professor of toxicology and pharmacology at the veterinary faculty of the University of Liège. He is particularly interested in therapeutical aspects of osteoarthritis.

Robert Graffin, Yves De Raeve and Vincent Simon are anatomist technicians at the laboratory of anatomy.

Renaud Vanderstricht and Max Tellier are radiology technicians involved in imaging .

Marianne Raes  is an agronomist involved in the managment of sheep.

Hubert Meurisse is a physicist and deals with the technical aspects of CT and micro CT.

Dr Pauline Meirlaen is assistant in pharmacology and therapeutics at the University of Liège. She is a PhD student and researches on the effects of corticosteroids on cartilage.

Fabienne Neveu is a research student. She is part of the research team dealing with intervertebral disk disease.

Twenty research students will also participate to the works of OASIS in 2014.

10 May 2014 : NARILIS day at the Ovine Centre of Faulx-les-Tombes (links)
Prevalence of naturally occurring cartilage defects in the ovine knee (links)