B a c h e l o r   i n   m a t h e m a t i c s

Fully taught in FrenchThe Bachelor in Mathematics at UNamur is a 3-year programme organised in French only.

For more information, visit the web page in French.

M A S T E R   I N   M A T H E M A T I C S

Fully taught in FrenchThe Master in Mathematics will enable you to develop the necessary rigour, clear and analytical thinking and modelling skills to deal effectively with a range of issues relating to economics, astronomy, sociology, chemistry or communication, in partnership with experts in these disciplines. 

You will learn to tackle a problem from beginning to end, designing programs and translating them into appropriate wording, improving algorithms and demonstrating more rapid convergences.

Whether you choose a career in teaching, business, the public sector or research, these assets will make you an indispensable scientific partner in multidisciplinary projects.

‘My work as an IT manager could sometimes be likened to a mathematical demonstration.  I start from a hypothesis, that is given information such as budget and resources, and I have to reach a proposition, in this case a significant business project such as setting up a company abroad.  To do this, I do an actual demonstration using lemmas – these are tiny implementations of IT solutions.  For example, to set up a company abroad, its IT network must be made secure.’ - Alain, graduate

Y O U R   O B J E C T I V E S

  • To contribute to current issues
    How can we make weather forecasts more reliable?  How can we improve the transport network, a food production line, energy distribution or Facebook information? How can we estimate the probability of a satellite falling on an inhabited area?  How can we understand a stock market crash?  How can we make learning mathematics meaningful?
  • To become proficient in every stage of real problem solving (analysis, modelling, simulation and implementation) using theoretical, algorithmic and IT tools from applied mathematics;
  • To integrate into the world of work (teaching, research or business) with a scientific and multidisciplinary vision.

W H Y   S T U D Y   A T   U N A M U R ?

A perfect introduction to the real world of work.
Develops autonomy, initiative and an ability to work alone or in groups.
An interdisciplinary approach based on solid theoretical foundations.
A specialisation in applied mathematics – a valuable asset, whether you choose a career in teaching, business or research.
Many opportunities to travel within Belgium and abroad.

p r o g r a m m e s


This Master at UNamur associates theory and practice using analytical and digital approaches in a high-level study of scientific programming.

Choose one focus:

  • Programme structure and coursesResearch:
    You will learn how to carry out scientific research at the Namur Institute of Complex Systems (naXys) and you will do a placement in a research laboratory abroad.


  • Programme structure and coursesProfessional - Specialisation in Project Engineering:
    You will learn about the different professions of business mathematicians by doing a placement in a company of your choice and a full-scale business project (organising a space rendezvous, creating a hypothetical population, choosing a gift via Facebook, building a robot, collecting travel data using Twitter, etc.)..


  • Programme structure and coursesProfessional - Specialisation in Data Science:
    You will learn to extract, store, analyse, visualise and interpret data available in various quantities and forms (e.g. big data) to become a data analyst and designer of tomorrow’s solutions.


  • Programme structure and coursesTeaching:
    You will learn to teach Mathematics at upper secondary level.


This Master combines placements in business, teaching or research centres, external courses, personal projects and high-level studies of applied mathematics. A final thesis on a subject of your choice will complete your studies.


You will also develop your autonomy, communication skills, knowledge of languages, and philosophical and ethical reflection to become a responsible scientist of tomorrow’s society


International experience

You will have the opportunity to study abroad under the Erasmus programme at a prestigious foreign university (in Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, etc.).

Studies of English include a 3-day visit to London.

1 year master - 60 creditsProgramme structure and courses

This Master will prepare you for the world of applied mathematics through various courses and the writing of a thesis. Your programme will also include high-level programming techniques, languages and the ethical considerations of sustainable development.