C A R E E R   O P P O R T U N I T I E S

Applied mathematics offers a large variety of professional opportunities and our graduates are employed in many different fields:

Business: 12%

Teaching: 28%

Research: 16%

Other: 9%

Banking and insurance: 26%

IT: 9%

‘I have been working for several years as an actuary for a consultancy company in the field of supplementary pensions.  We live in a world full of risks: the role of the actuary is to quantify and model uncertainties.  Mathematics lets us develop our way of thinking, and our ability to analyse is our most important tool.’ - Noemie, actuary

What about data science?

Data science offers a large number of career opportunities related to the growing need for data evaluation in organisations.  Your skills will be sought-after in such areas as e-health, pharmaceutical research, e-commerce, marketing, finance, web applications, smart cities, logistics, the audio-visual sector, social networks or telecommunications.