Transportation Research Group (GRT)

The Transportation Research Group (TRG) is inserted in the Namur Institute For Complex Systems (Naxys), Belgium, and therefore has a double specificity: for the past 30 years it has been focusing on traffic models for urban areas, but is also involved in the development of the basic operations research tools occurring in modern transportation modelling and in the associated behavioural analysis including activity based approaches. Another part of its research interests is related to mobility surveys, with an emphasis on the use of new technologies (WWW etc) to facilitate widespread access to data. Nowadays, TRG is focusing on disaggregated modelling of mobility demand, taken into account all the needed steps, from data collection to models (discrete choice, multi agents, etc) and to forecasts.

The TRG share its research activities between three main domains :

  • Modelling : development of new network models, traffic studies, impact studies, ...
  • Surveys and data analysis: Belgian households mobility survey, transport surveys in Europe, data treatment, imputation and correction, WWW interface for remote statistics, mobility survey for the Walloon Region,...
  • Software and technologies : software development (simulators, software for the transportation systems management, etc.), research related to the GIS and GPS usage
  • 'Teaching, and training: lectures for graduate students (in mathematics), lectures on 'Introduction to the mathematical modelling of transport', seminars, conferences, '

The TRG has been involved and continues to be involved in a number of projects at European (DG VII and XIII), national (Sustainable mobility programs) and regional levels.