Structure of the department

The Department of Physics organizes and teaches physics for physicists as well as for students from other disciplines in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Management and the Institute of Computer Science.

He coordinates the research activities of his laboratories in the field of matter and radiation.

Department heads are attentive to the best overall functioning; questions and suggestions may be addressed to the director of the department or to his academic secretary or, failing that, to the secretariat.


Department Director

Luc HENRARD , director, has for mission:

  • to strike a good balance between the academic freedom of each and the proper functioning of research and teaching;
  • ensure the management of the department, coordination of budgets and investment plans between the different units;
  • to inform the members of his department of any decision or directive concerning them;
  • to be the intermediary for any problem between the faculty and the department;
  • to be the relay between the department and the office of the faculty;
  • to ensure the evaluation of the temporary scientific staff at the administrative and technical level.

Academic Secretary

Robert Sporken, Academic Secretary, is responsible for monitoring the teaching of the Masters. He establishes contact with Masters students for all problems concerning them.

He also replaces the director in case of absence.

Administrative secretaries

The secretariat is on the first floor of the chemistry building.

Evelyne Boca

Annick Bonmariage

Isabelle Schievekamp