Damien Mahaut is a PhD student in chemistry at the University of Namur.

His Master thesis was realized at the UNamur in 2018 in collaboration between the groups of Prof. Guillaume BERIONNI (Réactivité et Catalyse Organique, RCO) and Prof. Benoît CHAMPAGNE (Laboratoire de Chimie Théorique, LCT). His project consisted in the synthesis of Lewis bases and in the computational investigation of their potential in frustrated Lewis pair catalysis. In 2019, he worked for three months at the University of Oxford for an internship in the group of Prof. Véronique GOUVERNEUR for the synthesis of [18F]-radiolabeled PARP inhibitors.

He graduated in 2019 and received the same year a FRIA grant to start a PhD  under the supervision of Prof G. BERIONNI and B. CHAMPAGNE for the synthesis of Lewis bases derived from phosphatriptycene and their application in frustrated Lewis pair catalysis for the hydrogenation of unactivated alkenes, carbon dioxide and amides, both at the experimental and computational levels.



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